About the Artist

Avi Moyal began painting nearly 30 years ago, inspired by the beautiful landscapes of India, Nepal and Thailand, where he traveled for 18 months after his army service.  After his adventures, he returned to his birthplace of Israel, and studied architecture in Jerusalem.

Over the years, Avi has worked at several large architecture & engineering firms in Israel, Belgium and USA. In 2009, Avi left the corporate world to start his own company, Atlanta Curb Appeal, which allows him to bridge his artistic qualities, architecture training and business acumen. Over the years, Avi’s work has been presented at shows and galleries in Tel Aviv, Israel, Houston, TX and Roswell, GA, where he enjoyed commercial success.

Avi’s work spans from acrylic on canvas, to multi media & large-scale landscape sculptures to furniture design and production. Materials used include scrap metal, recycled electronics and computer parts, hardware, leather, resin, wood, stone and glass. He is a ‘collector’ of unique items that he includes in his art pieces, creating distinctive compositions of colors and textures. His work is layered and multi-dimensional.